Continental Beef

Our Continental Beef Ration has gained a reputation for meeting the demands of today’s top beef finishers.  This is a high energy high performance 15% crude protein cattle finishing ration.  It is designed for concentrate feeding systems right up to ad-lib feeding and is fully fortified with high levels of vitamins and minerals.  Continental beef is a cereal based ration which also contains high levels of flaked maize, soya, and field beans; leading to a very coarse and palatable ration, designed to give performance of the highest level at a price that belies the quality.

Beef Supreme Ad-Lib

Beef Supreme is manufactured to meet the requirements of feeding in an ad-lib situation. It is a cereal based high energy 15% crude protein feed. Hi-pro Soya bean is the source of undegradable protein, which is vital for rapid muscle development. It contains up to 20% maize which is a key ingredient for achieving a good fat score with bulls under two years old. Beef Supreme also contains “OPTIGEST” which meets in full the animal’s major and minor element requirement s. With the inclusion of Optigest, it makes for an extremely safe feed, helping to avoid digestive upsets and ensuring cattle can be got onto high levels of feed over a very short period of time. Beef Supreme in our private trials have given average daily gains (over a120 cattle sample) of 1.92 kg per head per day, with individual animals gaining over 3 kg per head per day.

High Maize

Hi Maize Beef Ration

A 14% protein multi purpose premium coarse ration.

As it states in the name this ration includes generous levels of flaked maize as well as native wheat and barley which all attribute to its high energy content. Because of its protein levels this ration is suitable for weaned calves on grass right through to finishing cattle on grass or silage. Its maize content ensures a very coarse and palatable feed that can be fed at high levels if desired, and the best of all is its competitive price.

Super Thrive Beef Nut

Super Thrive Beef Nut - A 16% protein cube,

making it ideal for multi purpose feeding to weanlings over 6 months old right through to store and finishing cattle wheter on grass or grass silage. It includes native cereals and other quality ingredients with a high spec mineral which helps promote good growth in younger stock.


Fodder Extra

Fodder Extra A 14% protein coarse ration

Formulated for situations where fodder may be scarce. It can be used in conjunction with silage feeding to reduce overall silage intakes. Remember that for every 1kg meal fed, you will cut down silage intake by 4-5kg fresh weight, so by planning your fodder requirements in time, a little fodder extra will go a long way.


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